Frequently Asked Questions

Pressure Washing

Q. Are all pressure washing companies the same?
A. Anyone can purchase a pressure washer. Simply owning a pressure washer and advertising you offer a service doesn’t mean you can operate it effectively. A pressure washer in the hands of an unskilled operator can cause a great deal of damage. Just to name a few. Wood carved into at to high of pressure, plants and lawn killed, siding blown off, paint peeled from house and even concrete cut and etched.

Q. Do I need to be home when you’re working on my property?
A. No, because we understand that you are just as busy as we are. We do ask that you close and lock all of your windows,and we can take care of moving any items,that may need to be moved.

Q. Does The Cleaning Dude have insurance?
A. The Cleaning Dude carries a 2 million dollar insurance policy. We can provide this upon request.

Q. Is an outdoor water source needed?
A. No a water source is not required, but saves you money. If we provide the water we do charge an additional fee.

Q. Is it more effective when you clean with heated water?
A. Heated water cleans more effective than cold water. It works the same way as when you wash dishes

Q. What are the benefits of pressure washing?
A. Just to name a few benefits of pressure washing is eliminating mold and mildew, better curb appeal, safety, and increased property value.

Q. What are these dark stains on my siding and can they be removed?
A. The dark stains you are seeing is mold. All mold needs to grow is moisture (humidity) and a food source and it will grow anywhere. Mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.

Q. What are these black streaks on my gutters and can they be removed?
A. The black streaks on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. The black streaks can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.

Q. Why is insurance important?
A. Many contractors state they have insurance, but few actually have more than an automobile policy. If damage occurred to your home by a contractor, or an injury on your property you could easily be held responsible. Always ask for proof of insurance. That little question cold save you thousands of dollars.

Q. Will your pressure washing cause any damage to my property?
A. ABSOLUTELY-NOT! We are very professional when dealing with our client’s property. We make sure to use the correct chemicals and the right amount of pressure to insure we do not encounter any damage to your property.

Q. Will the chemicals you use cause any damage to my plants?
A. The Cleaning Dude has spent a considerable amount of time researching and exploring the chemicals we use. We only use safe, biodegradable and effective cleaners that will not harm your landscape when used properly by cleaning dude tech.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Q. Do I have to replace my roof to make it look new again? 
A. If black streaks are your problem, you usually don't have to replace your roof. Shingle manufacturers recommend that you clean your roof every couple of years; this will prolong the life of your roof and keep it looking new.

Q. What are the black streaks? 
A. Black streaks are caused by a hardy type of algae called Gloeoclapsa Magma. This algae feeds on the limestone in your shingles. The streaks form as the rain slowly spreads the algae down your roof.

Q. Is cleaning my roof merely a cosmetic repair? 
A. NO. The black streaks will prevent your shingles from deflecting the sun properly and can increase your cooling costs. Also, since the algae is feeding on the limestone in your shingles, it is slowly breaking them down. By not cleaning your roof, you are reducing the life of your shingles by up to 50%!

Q. You're a pressure washing company, will you damage my roof with high pressure? 
A. NO. We do not use a pressure washer at all when cleaning roofs. We use a specialized LOW PRESSURE system designed to gently clean the algae from the surface of your roof. Our system uses no more pressure than your garden hose! We simply apply the cleaner, allow it to dwell and rinse it clean.

Window Cleaning

Q. Can you clean the inside of my windows, or just the exterior?
A. We can clean both, whichever you prefer. Our technicians are trained to work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors and window treatments will be left just the way we found them.

Q. Are your cleaning products safe?
A. All of our products are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring.

Q. What does waxing my windows mean?
A. Our window cleaning solution leaves an invisible shield on our windows,resulting in a window that stays cleaner longer.

Q. How often should I clean my windows?
A. While we do accept once a year customers, most of our customers select our twice a year, interior & exterior cleaning or our quarterly exterior only cleanings.

Q. Does the weather affect the service?
A. The Cleaning Dude is a year round service! We clean in cold, snowy weather, as well as, hot and humid weather. We are also still able to clean on rainy days as long as it is not a blowing, driving rain. A light rain will not affect our technicians or your windows. Remember, it is not the rain that spots the windows, but a driving rain hitting a dirty window screen! It is our year round service that lets us retain our qualified technicians so that we can keep the quality of your cleanings consistent.

Q. What about my grids or curtains, do I need to take them down?
A. While any assistance is welcome, it is not necessary. It does facilitate the process though and many customers do prefer to help out, especially with the removal of window grids. Typically, our technicians can work around almost everything in the house!

Q. Do you clean the screens?
A. Yes, we will glady clean yor screens for an additional fee,most screens can be cleaned for 1.00 per screen