Window Cleaning Rainy Day Guarantee

There's rain in the forecast...what should I do?

Rainy Day Guarantee for Your Windows

If you are concerned about the rain making your windows look dirty after we clean... Rest assured it will not! 

Rain water does not cause your windows to look dirty or streaked. Windows become dirty from the wind blowing dust and debris against your windows. Actually, rain water is about as pure as water can be. Having The Cleaning Dude maintain your windows on a regular basis keeps the glass clean and allows rain water to run off without leaving streaks or spots.

No, we won't stand out in the rain and clean the windows, but if rain is simply in the forecast or your windows are covered by an overhang or awnings - we'll make them sparkle just like we do when it's sunny. They'll look great and, because they're clean, they won't spot up or streak.  

100% Rain Guarantee - If it rains within 48 hours of our cleaning AND the windows spot or streak, call us and we'll touch them up - Free of Charge - as soon as we can.